About J. Pollard Creations

My love of doll making began in 2010. A stay at home mom with 4 boys, I started to make hands sculpted fairies out of polymer clay. Self taught and fueled with the passion of creating whimsical fairies, I’ve made and sold over 500 in the last 12 years.

I made my first full size doll sculpt in 2018. “Lulu” was born.  Always wanting to broaden my skills, I’ve taught myself each step to produce a complete doll – Mold Making, Casting, Faceups, Wig Making and Sewing.  My first BJD Doll collection was launched. My dolls are not mass produced, so each doll and creation is truly a one of a kind with every detail made from the confines of my home. Love of color and capturing the light heartedness of youth is what inspires my dolls to come to life.

I hope you enjoy navigating my site!