Resin BJD Doll, Ball Joint Dolls, Dark Blonde Lulu


Resin 11 Inch BJD (Ball Joint Doll)
Full Set Art Doll
Removable 16 mm Acrylic Eyes (Brown)
Magnet Synthetic Wig (Removeable) size 7-8
Handmade outfit (Dress, Nickers and Socks)
3.5cm Shoes

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Lulu is a handmade doll made entirely by myself. She has been hand sculpted and cast into a resin mold. Lulu has bendable joints which makes it easy for her to sit, and pose for that cute selfie!. It takes about three weeks of casting, sanding, hand painting, sealing, sewing and wig making before each Lulu emerges with her own cute little look and personality.

Wigs and outfits have been handmade. The wigs have strong magnets to hold the wig in place on the doll head. All of my dolls are one-of-a-kind. Many loving hours have been focused on each fine detail. Each are made by hand so they may have little imperfections here and there that adds to their unique personality. Resin is strong but recommended to be handled as an art piece.

A wonderful addition to any doll collector! Or makes a great gift for that special some one!


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