Soft Sculpture Fairy Doll, Hanging Fairies, Penny


Hanging Fairy Doll

Soft Fairy Ornament

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I’m pleased to introduce Penny, a handmade cloth fairy doll. Penny stands at 6 inches tall. Her body is made out of stretch Polyester and fine poly fill. Her arms and legs are gently Posable. She has her fingers, toes, belly button and bum sculpted. She is wearing a one of a kind handmade dress with velcro closures for easy on and off. I’ve included a wire loop in the back so you can hang her if you choose.

All of my dolls are handmade from top to bottom and because of this, each doll will be unique and have there own look and personality. Each face is created freehand and I have created my own pattern for both the dolls body and clothes.

These dolls are made for collecting purposes. She is very durable but not recommended as a play doll.


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